Integral training
in 3D printing from
clinical experience

What’s happening in medical 3D printing?

1 Gap training

Lack of specific training.

2 Excessive technological offer

No solutions are demanded for everyday needs.

3 Absence of references

Limited experience in routine practice.

What we offer with medin3D?

An interdisciplinary, accessible and enjoyable training with everything you need to know for implementing 3D printing in healthcare area.

Thanks to our courses and workshops of medin3D you will learn the following applications:

13D Reconstruction

Post-processing radiological images
for reconstruction and 3D printing.

2 Communication

Preparation of biomedical models as
a clinical information tool.

3 Therapeutic planning

New digital methods for converting
virtual into tangible.

4 Design - Reverse Engineering

Manufacturing of customized products
according to specific needs.

5Medical simulation

Training using 3D-printed
anatomical models.

6 Therapeutic execution

Toolmaking and precision aids
for personalized therapeutic use.

Who are we?

A multidisciplinary young team with clinical and training experience in biomedical 3D printing.

3Dopinion’s doctors, engineers and designers have combined expertise to create an unique training activity.

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